24 Way temperature controller (Stand alone)

Product overview :

The product defined here is a 24 Way stand-alone temperature controller. It is built into a rugged plastic case that can easily be disconnected and moved around as required. The 24 way temperature controller is setup to control up to 4 different 6 channel consoles, or can be wired to control a single 24 channel console. The controller does not require all channels to be connected to run. Each channel is individually monitored and controlled. Each channel is highly configurable to allow the controllers to be used in complex heating cycles.

The temperature controllers can be controlled through the built-in 7” touch screen interface, or through a computer interface.


On board touch screen interface

The controller comes with a built-in 7” resistive touch screen. This means you can operate the controller through this interface as a stand alone controller without the need for a computer interface. With the resistive touch screen, you can operate it with any type of glove on your hand.


The interface on this touch screen is a straight forward and easy to use. Once powered up, you can get a channel up and running within a few seconds. The controller allows you to enter heat cycle recipes. With built-in memory, you can store these recipes for easy recall later on.

Onboard - 2
Onboard - 3

Any active faults will be displayed on the screen for easy rectification.


Computer Software

The HEATVIEW temperature controllers can be controlled through a computer application. All settings and controls are available through the computer software. The computer software adds more features to the charting of temperature cycles, as well as giving the ability to the operator to generate PDF reports the temperature cycle.

Computer Software-MainScreen

The chart for each channel can be expanded to be full screen on your display. It also allows the operator to add notes to the charts. The notes added to the chart are then stored with the chart and added to the PDF report.

Furnace Test 17

When generating a PDF, several customizable fields are provided to the operator for them to add information to the report. You can add any data you choose, such as the job number, operator name, job site details or work piece information.


Once all the data is entered into the report generation screen, a PDF report will be created and stored on your computer. An example of a temperature report is shown here.


When heat cycles are monitored through the computer application, the heat cycle temperature profile will automatically be stored locally on the computer in a database. You can simply recall any stored heat cycle by date through the computer application when you want to re-create the PDF report.

Networking controllers

A revolutionary feature of the temperature controllers is the ability to network the controllers together to control them through a single computer or even through a single built-in touch screen. Every temperature controller is equipped with 2 standard Ethernet ports. Simply connect them together using these ports. Once connected, you can simply connected to any or all of the controllers you want.