HEATVIEW temperature control systems

HEATVIEW is the new brand name in temperature control systems. HEATVIEW controllers have been developed to be full featured and simple to use. Some features that can be found in the temperature controllers include:

  • Controllers can operate in multiple modes:
    • Automatic mode – Where you can create heating recipes up to 30 steps long
    • Manual mode – Where you can define a rate and final temperature for the controller to heat the piece to.
    • Percentage Timer mode – Where you can simply define the duty cycle of the output.
  • Built-in redundant temperature logging. (Both to local data in the temperature controller and computer software).
  • On-board 7” touch screen for stand alone control.
  • Intuitive and easy to use computer interface.
  • Ethernet and Wi-Fi connectivity to the controllers.
  • Networking of controllers –Each controller comes with two Ethernet ports. They can be connected together & controlled from a single computer or a single controller touch screen.
  • Large charting displays on the computer interface, with the ability to add noted to the charts.
  • Charts are stored in a local database for easy PDF creation later on.
  • PDF generation, with multiple configurable data entry fields.
  • Industrial grade interface cables to heating consoles that can take tons of abuse and still function correctly.
  • Descriptive error messages.