Using the computer application

The first video in this section runs through the computer software to give you an introduction to it. It gives you a basic understanding of how to use it.


The second video walks you through the process of creating and downloading a recipe to the controller. This recipe is used in the post-weld heat treating mode of the controller.


The next video walks you through the different options available to you to setup a channel, including slaving multiple channels together


The next video shows you all the tools available to you while viewing the live large chart.


The next video shows you the options available to make a report to hand in to Quality Control after running a heat cycle.


The following video ties it all the previous videos together and shows the process from begin to end. This video begins before connecting to a controller and shows all the steps to start up a heat cycle, monitoring the cycle and then finally creating a report from it.


To try and explain the difference between Pre-Heat mode and Post Weld modes, the following quick tutorial was created.


The last video of this section is a quick video to show you how to spot a faulted channel, clear a fault and then shows the effect of the channel going into pause mode. Channels are automatically put into pause mode if one of the slave channels has a critical fault or if the operator puts it into pause mode.