To help you use the HeatView products more efficiently, multiple videos have been created to teach you all the features of the systems. These videos are broken into 3 sections for now. The first section is a set of videos to guide you through the use of the touch screen. The second and third sections are videos to guide you through computer control software. You can use either to run the system, but the computer application is more feature rich and provides a higher level of control and also provides the ability to generate reports for Quality Control without the need for an external temperature recorder.

If you are a first time user, it is suggested that you work your way through the sections in order below. They will show you how the unit works using the embedded touch screen, then moves on to getting the computer software up and running and then finally more advanced functions using the computer software.


1. Embedded touch screen controls

The HeatView system has two styles of controllers. The first is the style with a 7″ touch screen built into the controller. This touch screen gives you local controls for the unit, so that you do not need to use a computer with it to control it. The second comes with an embedded controller and no touch screen. If your model does not have a touch screen you can contact us for assistance in connecting to your controller, or your distributor can help with this.

It is suggested that if you have the model with the touch screen, that you work your way through the videos in the link below to understand how to use it before switching to the computer application:

Click here for video tutorials for using the embedded touch screen.


2. Computer Application (Introduction)

If this is the first time you using a HeatView controller click the link below to see a set of tutorials needed to first run a system. The videos cover the following topics: Installing the software, installing your license and then connecting to a controller for the first time.

Click here for video tutorials for the first time users.


3. Computer Application (Advanced)

If you have gone through the videos from section 2 above, then you can work your way through the video tutorials in the link below. These videos show you how to setup your controller through the computer software, all the tools available to you in the software, running cycles and then finale how to make reports from your heat cycles.

Click here for video tutorials for control and functionality videos for the computer application.